Madera Vieja
Luxury Charmed in Wood

Madera Vieja
Luxury Charmed in Wood

Madera Vieja
Luxury Charmed in Wood


An elegant wooden floor can change the appearance of any room, giving it a luxurious look and bringing a lot of warmth to the interior. At the same time, this solution is much more durable than panels made of laminate or even fresh timber.


We offer both floors made of solid wood and layered panels, used in case of surfaces equipped with floor heating. The boards we offer are exclusively made of old wood and, as with tables, you can have a wood floor in your home that is over 1000 years old. This means that you can walk on a surface that remembers the days before the Notre-Dame de Paris was built!


Besides standard solutions, we also offer custom-made floors, both in the form of panels and tiles in various sizes, shapes and finishes. If you are interested in such a solution, please contact us and we will prepare an offer tailored specifically to your needs!

Bog oak flooring boards - black

Breathtaking black floorboards made from oak wood estimated to be over a thousand years old. If you want a finish in your home made from material from the early medieval period, this floor is for you!

Bog oak flooring boards - brown

A beautiful brown oak floor. The warmer colour makes it suitable for slightly different designs than black boards. Ancient, more than a thousand years old wood will impress even the greatest connoisseurs.

Oak flooring boards - rough

Floor boards made from old original oak. Guarantees the best unique effect in stylized commercial spaces such as pubs, restaurants or other themed rooms. Very durable and very old, often over fifty years old wood.

Oak flooring boards - natural

Flooring boards made from the internal sections of very old oak beams. Highly durable luxurious wood in natural colour blends beautifully with darker, as well as light finishings.

Oak flooring boards - honey

Oak flooring boards finished with honey-coloured oil add a lot of warmth to any interior. The material, made from very old logs, is extremely durable - properly cared for it will last for several hundred years!


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