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There is a common opinion that time cannot be seen or stopped. But we managed to do it! By creating our products we give a second life to the old boards and beams of dismantled houses, barns and other buildings - as a result of which you will notice several decades of history in every table, floor or decoration element of our. Wood has seen and experienced the events of times when our generations were not yet on this planet, which is often evidenced by artifacts and antiques found in dismantled buildings.


Why reclaim the wood?


Thanks to the use of old wood we obtain absolutely unique products. You can be sure that if you decide to put our table in your living room, you will not find it anywhere else in the world. The passage of time has given it a texture that is not found in fresh wood, and the products made by us give the rooms a rustic but also luxurious look.

Reclaimed wood is definitely more durable than fresh wood and less susceptible to warping, so our products will survive dozens or even hundreds of years without any damage to the aesthetic appearance.

However, it is important that by using recycled wood we contribute to the protection of the environment. We do not cut fresh trees, which are often home to many animal species, nor do we use synthetic substitutes, the production of which pollutes the environment. By using old wood, we do not contribute to the degradation of sensitive ecosystems that would have no chance of surviving among newly planted, rather than cut down, forests.


Interesting fact


We have mentioned earlier that we use boards and beams that are several dozen years old. This is of course true, but our offering also includes products made from materials whose age is estimated to be as old as eight thousand years! This means that this material is about 3,500 years older than the pyramid of Cheops.

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